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Asset management expertise

Asset Management

A referent actor, a recognized experience

Asset management in France

The French collective management market continues to grow in terms of assets under management, with a 15% increase between December 2016 and September 2018, from € 1,497 billion to € 1,720 billion, while the number of mutual funds shows a slight downward stability (10,246 against 10,284).

The landscape of asset management is diversified in terms of players: mutual funds, management companies, custodian banks, valuers and distributors…

One of the characteristics of this financial sector, under the supervision of AMF and / or ACPR regulators, remains its exposure to regulatory changes with an ever more stringent European dimension.

Nexia S&A through its subsidiary SFPB A&C: a team of specialists with more than 30 years of experience

SFPB A&C, a leading player in collective management, has moved closer to Nexia S&A to strengthen its Finance business and create an Asset Management division.

A team dedicated to strong technical expertise led by two signatory partners very involved in customer relations and with 35 and 20 years of experience in this sector, to meet your expectations and accompany you in your projects.

In summary, the union of Nexia S&A and SFPB A&C offers:


OPC funds are subject to strong constraints in terms of profitability since the financial crisis of 2008 with a decrease in the profitability of assets. There are also strong and growing regulatory constraints.

SFPB A&C, a firm with experience in mutual funds acquired since the creation of the first collective management products in the 70s. It has developed, for more than 25 years, innovative IT solutions to secure asset valuation controls and provide added value to its customers.

Approved by the AMF, SFPB A&C is a referent of the sector and sits for many years:

Statutory auditor

With this experience, SFPB A&C is the statutory auditor of more than 200 mutual funds for around twenty management companies. Our service offering is characterized by:


Our offer of accounting assistance may also be extended to private equity funds with accounting delegation missions, on behalf of the management company, which may include: calculation of net asset values, preparation of asset mixes net, the Banque de France Statistical Statements, assistance in calculating the investment ratios, the production of the annual accounts and the management of the relationship with the statutory auditors.

Portfolio Management Companies

GSPs operate in a highly regulated environment requiring specialized expertise. They expect from their consultants an in-depth knowledge of their activities and sub-management products in order to understand and analyze all the flows generated and associated agreements.

SFPB A&C has strong expertise in the sector and supports several SGPs in accounting and auditing.

Other actors in the financial sector

Nexia S&A is also involved with other players in the financial sector, both in auditing, accounting and consulting:

These missions require professional expertise and support from our specialists in information systems and business valuation (transaction services).

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