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Associations and foundations

Associations and foundations

At your side to face the challenges of an economy for social and solidarity issues

A major player in the French economy

The 1,300,000 associations operating in France employ 1,853,000 employees, which represents an annual payroll of 39 billion (Source ACOSS-URSSAF 2016).

In the social and solidarity economy, non-profit entities play a vital role in the involvement of citizens who wish, whether as volunteers or not, to join forces to best meet social utility needs. Hence the creation of 73,000 associations within a single year (2016-2017), the majority of which operate with the help of some 13 million volunteers in France.

Faced with wide-ranging implications, may they be charitable, humanitarian, cultural, promotion of great causes, defence of professional interests, training, ... the sector manages the constraints of financing and demonstrates its capacity to introduce criteria for rigorous management while stimulating social innovation.

Entities in their own right with their specificities

Diverse by their object, these entities can take many forms in each of the most well-known categories: Foundations, Associations, Endowment Funds, Congregations.

Some choose to look for resources by public appeal to donations.

They must meet the same requirements as a company in terms of organization, monitoring and management with specific strength in the areas of administrative and financial management, taxation and social matters, which require expertise, organization and adapted tools.

Major issues in financial matters

In the non-profit sector, associations today face major challenges:

Nexia S&A, a wide range of services and dedicated teams

Nexia S&A is one of the French Audit & Consulting firms widely involved in the associative world. Present alongside more than 130 associations for many years, it has offered a wide range of services, based on real experience, with dedicated teams.


Annual accounts, payroll and social management


We accompany you on specific topics with high stakes for your organization:

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