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Private education

Private education

Auditor and advisor for the profession

Rapid Expansion of private education

With 436,100 students, representing a rise of more than 50 % in ten years, private education is indeed rapidly expanding.

According to the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the total student population has increased eight-fold over the past 50 years and should continue to grow. According to its forecasts, the number of students will exceed 2.5 million by 2020. 80 % of the growth in numbers in higher education has been in the private sector.

The sector includes independent higher education establishments, of which there are around fifteen in Paris and provincial regions, providing education of a general nature to nearly 30,000 students.

There are currently around fifty private engineering schools and some sixty private business schools, awarding diplomas approved or stamped by the Ministry, which have obtained state recognition and which are considered to be a useful complement to state higher education.

Fully-fledged businesses with specific characteristic

Private education establishments must meet the same requirements as a normal business in terms of organisation, monitoring and steering and present important specific characteristics in the areas of administrative and financial management, taxation and human resource management which require appropriate expertise, organisation and tools.

Administrative anf financial management

Human Resource administrative Management


Nexia S&A: a key auditor and advisor for the sector

Nexia S&A is one of the French auditing and consulting firms which works most closely with private higher education establishments:

Our considerable involvement in this sector for many years and our extensive client portfolio enables us to offer a wide range of services, based on real experience, with dedicated teams.


Audit Statutory auditing, internal auditing, Contributions and Mergers,
Transaction Services Purchase Due Diligence and Vendor Due Diligence
Financial advice plan Reporting, scorecards, cash flow, budget and business plan
Accounting and tax issues Audit, compliance review and tax advice
Human resource administration Payroll, social contributions, employment contracts and human resource

Specialised partner

Fabrice HUGLIN is the firms’s partner who manages and follows up the majority of our clients in the sector. He is a member of the private higher education club which is made up of financial experts in the sector.

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