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Skills training

Skills training

Developing your skills

Our training courses

An essential vector of competitiveness, training also represents a remarkable factor of motivation, skills updating, and team retention for any company. Recognizing this, Nexia S&A Academy, the training division of Nexia S&A, constitutes a platform for tailor-made training in the fields of finance and law, enabling any company to strengthen and develop its employees' skills.

The training sessions are primarily conducted by Nexia S&A's own consultants, although external speakers may intervene on specific topics.

Nexia S&A Academy holds activity registration number 11752144375 issued by the prefecture of the Île-de-France region and Qualiopi certification number F1897 for training actions.

How to access our training courses

Our training sessions are exclusively offered in an in-house format and are entirely tailored to the needs of the company.

In-house training means that all participants are employees of the same company, and the training is reserved for them. In partnership with Nexia S&A Academy, the company defines the theme, content, and format of the training, including duration, schedule, session organization, teaching methods, resources provided, and practical exercises or case studies. Thus, the training sessions listed in this catalog are just a sample of those that Nexia S&A Academy can provide.

These training sessions can take place:

As each training session is tailored, its cost typically comprises two parts:

Our training offers

Nexia S&A Academy can help you with training in the following areas:


Corporate Finance


Internal control


HR and payroll


Training locations

Our training sessions are exclusively offered in an in-house format. They typically take place at the premises of the companies that request them, whether located in the Paris region, elsewhere in France, or abroad.

Nexia S&A Academy can, however, provide a training room if requested by the company. We have three locations available:

Our spaces

  • Espace Hamelin
    Espace Hamelin

    17 rue de l’Amiral Hamelin
    75016 PARIS

  • Espace Comet
    Espace Comet Meetings

    20 rue de l’Amiral Hamelin
    75016 PARIS

  • Espace Sefco
    Espace Nexia S&A

    65 avenue Kléber
    75016 PARIS

Both Espace Hamelin and Espace Comet Meetings are accessible to people with reduced mobility. Feel free to contact us for more information by phone at +33 1 44 34 08 00 or by email at

Disability and Training

Nexia S&A Academy is committed to equal opportunities to ensure that all our trainees can access our various training programs.

Participants with temporary or permanent disabilities or health impairments can receive support throughout their training. For such participants, Nexia S&A Academy pledges to:

For anyone with a disability interested in attending one of our training sessions, Nexia S&A Academy is ready to provide an adapted solution. Our disability coordinator, Jean-Charles DELACOURT, is available to answer any questions about available accommodations at +33 1 44 34 08 00.

What our participant say about us

Number of participants in training sessions 262
Overall satisfaction rating 😄 9,7/10 *
Recommendation of Nexia S&A Academy as a training organization 😄 99% *
*Figures updated to 31 December 2023 based on responses to satisfaction questionnaires completed by participants in our training courses.

Contact and Registration

If you need information or want to register for one of our training sessions, you can contact us at +33 1 44 34 08 00 or by email at

Upon receiving your registration request, we will contact you within a maximum of 72 hours to arrange a meeting with the trainer to discuss your expectations for the training. Following this meeting, we will provide you with a pedagogical and financial proposal. Upon your approval, a training agreement will be sent to you, and signing it will confirm your definitive registration for the training session.

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