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International Business Services

International Business Services

Your French partner

Nexia S&A has set up a team dedicated to assisting foreign companies investing in France. This specialised team makes sure that branches and subsidiaries fulfil all their legal, tax and social obligations and organises feedback of management information to the parent company.

A complete service offer

To meet the expectations of foreign investors who prefer to work with a single firm, Nexia S&A’s International Business Services assists its clients by providing all the services required by an international group with subsidiaries in France.

Choosing the best structure

Accounting and management accounts


Outsourced social administration


A dedicated team

The team is managed by a partner with more than fifteen years’ experience in an international environment, and by a director, assisted by specialists from the firm (experts, consultants and legal advisors) or external lawyers and consultants. The following criteria were used to choose this team:

Nexia International

Our active participation in the Nexia International network, the international missions in which we have taken part and the international clients assigned to our International Business Services have allowed us to develop the expertise and experience which we make available to you.

Several of the firm’s partners, particularly the head of the International Business Services, actively participate in technical conferences and meetings organised throughout the year among network members. This enables them to help you to identify the best international partners for you to work with, with whom in many cases we maintain close personal relationships.

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