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A key accounting firm in the profession

One profession, several lines of business

In France, commissaires-priseurs (auctioneers) can both act as ministerial officers for the performing of certain judicial acts and operate in the auction market via approved commercial companies (Maisons de Ventes Volontaires). They can practise one or the other of these activities, or both, provided however that the two activities are kept strictly separate.

This status was established by the order of the 2nd of November 1945 and amended by law no. 2000-642 of the 10th of July 2000 and law no. 2011-850 of the 20th of July 2011, separating commercial auctions (a matter for commercial auction houses and other regulated operators with the required status) from strictly judicial sales and valuations.

Nexia S&A, a key accounting firm in the profession

Through its subsidiary PIMPANEAU, Nexia S&A has been acting as an accountant and advisor to numerous auctioneers for more than thirty years. This long experience has enabled the firm to acquire detailed knowledge of the profession and assist its clients in the changes imposed by the new regulations resulting from the law of the 10th of July 2000.

Today, Nexia S&A regularly assists some twenty auctioneers, mainly in Paris, and is the accountant for the Chambre des Commissaires Priseurs Judiciaires de Paris (CPJP) and the Syndicat National des Maisons de vente volontaire.


Nexia S&A is regularly called upon for advice in sale and valuation operations by auction offices and commercial auction houses. Nexia S&A has participated in some thirty operations over the past five years.

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