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Nexia International

Nexia International

Local expertise, Global reach

Making the business world a smaller place

Nexia International is a leading worldwide network of independent, high quality accounting and consulting firms, which helps to meet the business and financial needs of organisations and individuals with an international outlook.

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Comprehensive services mix:

Nexia member firms provide the highest standards of audit, accounting, tax and advisory services to help guide you through the increasingly complex global business and financial environment.

Cross-border solutions:

Experts from member firms around the network work together to provide cohesive, customised services to solve cross-border business issues and advise individuals on wealth creation and preservation.

Consistent quality:

The key to Nexia International is the strength of its member firms and the ability to deliver a consistently high quality of service in all major global economic and financial centers.

Local knowledge and expertise:

The expertise of its members firms, coupled with their detailed knowledge of local regulations, cultures and customs, gives you access to the best possible advice, tailored to your individual business of personal needs.

Active on your behalf

Seamless advice from people who are used to working together.

Dedicated contact

You will access to a single point of contact who can quickly mobilise dedicated teams and share resources on your behalf. Specialists across the world offer complementary skills, enabling member firms to deliver high standards of technical expertise.

Sharing our expertise / Leading debate and discussion

Nexia shares the knowledge and expertise of its member firms the benefict of member firms clients, for example through publications which provide an overview of international issues.

Specialists within memberfirms are regularly brought together at conferences around the world to share best practice and have a number of regional and special committees and interest groupsled by member firms who deal with hot audit, tax and other topics. All this is delivered to help provide guidance to member firms an enable them to keep up to date with the latest insights and developments and have the recommended tools to deliver their technical excellence to you.

Services provided by member firms tailored to your needs

Audit and assurance

Business taxation

Special advisory services

Quality of service – wherever you do business

Through the networks global connections, shared values and long-lasting professional relationships, you can expect the highest standard of professional advice – anywhere in the world.

Nexia S&A your access in the nexia world

Our willingness to assist our clients throughout their international development led us to join the Nexia network in 1998. Since then Aca has actively participated in the governance and meetings organized within the network. The participation in numerous international missions gives us a base of expertise and experience that we put at your disposal when working on your international projects.

Nexia International Secretariat

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Nexia S&A
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