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Payroll and human resources management

Payroll and human resources management

The help of specialists in a sensitive field

Making a sensitive area of company management secure

French social legislation is highly complex and leads to cumbersome administrative management which requires a high degree of technical skill and constant updating of knowledge.

Nexia S&A uses specialised teams comprising qualified legal experts whose specialist knowledge is constantly updated. Their interventions are based on technical expertise, responsiveness and confidentiality.

Delegated human resource management

If you wish to delegate all or some of the tasks associated with pay and related operations, Nexia S&A offers the following services:

Human resource management review

Nexia S&A’s specialists conduct reviews of your social administrative management with the dual aim of making your organisation secure and monitoring the social contributions associated with pay:

These operations, conducted on the basis of a fixed budget negotiated in advance, offer you a new perspective and clarification on complex fields which generate many risks, particularly with regard to the following key points:

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