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Nexia and AGN International announce a groundbreaking alliance in the field of accounting and consulting

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The Nexia network, of which Nexia S&A is a member, announces its alliance with AGN International, a global association of accounting and consulting firms present in nearly 90 countries. Operational since March 2024, this union aims to increase available resources to enhance value for members and offer international clients a broader and deeper range of professional options.

Nexia & AGN International

Together, AGN and Nexia will represent over 400 members across five continents, reflecting a wider range of professional services, new synergies, and enhanced capabilities to manage cross-border engagements.

This collaboration represents a union of independent entities, sharing infrastructure and expertise while maintaining the integrity of their respective legal statuses.

As a member of the Nexia network, we are confident that this strategic alliance will strengthen our international support capabilities and demonstrate the network’s commitment to supporting the growth of its clients worldwide.

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