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Info deal : Etablissements Salentey

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Aca Nexia has carried out a Vendor Assistance on the occasion of the affiliation of Etablissements Salentey with their two competitors Trenois Decamps and Setin. The Picardy-based establishments, which specialise in the distribution of electrical equipment, have a turnover of €20m for 2021.


Founded in Beauvais in 1931, Etablissements Salentey now have a network of five branches in Picardy, Pas-de-Calais and the north of the French captial. Founding members of the Socoda network, the leading independent professional distribution network for the building and industrial sectors in France, Etablissements Salentey offer a range of over 350,000 products to craftsmen, industrialists and public institutions, and employ more than 70 people.

With this acquisition, Trenois Decamps and Setin aim to position themselves strategically in a promising market, driven by the many construction sites in the Ile-de-France area related to the upcoming Olympic Games and the development of the Greater Paris area.


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